The Surgical Story / by Reginald Crump

The surgical story

On the morning of Dec 16th I laid still on my right side in bed. With the covers up to my chin I sank deeper into comfort as the chill from the window created the perfect amount of shiver allowing me to lazily try and drift back into sleep.

But, it's Dec 16th, which means, it's Manchildblack's birthday.

I slowly began to lift myself to a seated position using my abdominals which were still fired up from the Hot Mess Core class I'd taught the day before.

As usual I took a moment to evaluate how this body was feeling. Mmm I feel good but my knee has a tiny sore spot on it. "What is that?" Looking down at my left knee to investigate the source for soreness I discovered a juicy little pimple. "Ah, yes, that's what's going on."  I popped it.

I immediately got out of bed and sauntered into the day.

Dinner reservations, scheduled meetings etc. etc. everything fell into place.

At the end of the day Manchild and I met for dinner, desert and coffee to carry us into the night party at Soul In the Horn where he'd be a guest DJ and had invited friends to celebrate his birth.

Friends, music, party, cocktails usually means dancing. Heightened  awareness of an interesting sensation in my knee kept me still for at least the first hour and a half.

After several rounds of tequila shots and Jack and Ginger my arms began to move more, followed by my hips and the flick of my look on every other accent. Careful not to get too crazy in the legs or dropping down to the ground.

Surprisingly enough we didn't stay until the lights came on. We grabbed our winter coats, called the Uber and headed to the door around 3:30am.

"It's, snowing!"

The Uber pulls up and I lift my leg to get in, "um, me knee feels really weird and it's starting to hurt a little to put weight on it."

"If it hurts in the morning we'll go to urgent care," Manchild suggests.

First thing on Sat morning I awake and notice right away how difficult it is to shift from side to side. I sit up on the edge of the bed to let my feet dangle, inhale and exhale before leaning forward to put my weigh down.

"Holy Shit!

"I can barely stand on it."

The corners of my eyes begin to fill with water and Tears begin to trickle down my cheek. I've been here before.  I lean against the walls and counters to make it to the bathroom. By the time I come out of the bathroom Manchild is already getting dressed to help me get to urgent care.