The Surgical Story / by Reginald Crump

Our uber took no time arriving. We get to urgent care and the nurse takes a look at what is now a swollen calf muscle and right below my knee.

I mentioned the pimple. She said it's possible, but didn't seem to think that was the case in the situation. I left with a prescription for 800 mg of Ibuprofen and good old RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevate).

Snow day!

We ordered piZza, turned on Netflix and I began my resting (which ultimately turned into 2 months).

"RICE" for 3 days.

On the 4th day, Tuesday, I was scheduled for an appointment with my primary physician. We took an Uber. By this point, it was more difficult to walk, much less go up and down the stairs of the NY Subway system.

I was seen right away and after her initial touch with the backside of her hand to my throbbing knee, shin and calf muscle, she insists I have it x-ray'd at the emergency room which was possibly 5 New York blocks away.

A cab would have been ideal, but if you're of color and even slightly progressive in NY, you know the challenges of getting a yellow cab to stop for you during rush hour. Somehow an Uber seemed too far away (but still the better idea).

So, we walked, considering we could see the intersection of where we needed to be, it seemed like the easiest thing to do.

We arrive and to our surprise we are greeted at the door by someone who insisted I wait there for a wheel chair.

"Am I still in NY or did I somehow end up in Emerald City?"

Pushed through ER and passing the folks waiting for care, by a strapping young gentleman who also happens to be easy on the eyes. I'd arrived. For the most part I received immediate attention which also included a nurse with an amazing sense of humor. He kept us laughing. I've continued laughing since day one. I highly recommend it for healing and over coming traumatic situations.

Questions, X-rays etc etc.

Nothing found.

I leave with a prescription for Percocet, an Orthopedic Dr's info to follow up with (a seemingly not so urgent) appointment).

The next day, being the trooper that I am I assume it's a good idea to walk to get the prescription from the pharmacy. At a much later date I did some research and discovered that this walk is roughly 2 miles one way.

Anyway, meds in hand I walk home with no real intention of taking them because I've heard the horror stories that go along with this drug. I'm not interested in playing that game.

I continue taking my 800 mg of iBuprofen.

Once home, I continue to do more of what I've been doing... nothing, until I started packing my bags for my holiday train trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.

All packed and ready to go, at 1am Thursday morning Dec 22nd we requested an Uber to take us to Penn Station. Barely walking with a cane we managed to the seating area and requested red cap service allowing me early entry onto the 3am train before the rest of the anxious travelers. 

"Look at god, now all I need is a seat to myself the entire trip."