The Surgical Story / by Reginald Crump



Now everything is happening super fast. I'm making major life decisions on my own and if this is the end, then well, I guess this is the way it's happening.


Check list of all my belongings locked up in the safe. The wheels of the bed get unlocked. I'm rolled through the hallways. Mr. Young and kind is comforting me with small talk and filling me in on what's happening as we enter elevators and wheel past all sorts of unfamiliar territory.

My mind wanders.

I'm suddenly in the middle of my very real, personal horror story. This imagination is a blessing, but sometimes a curse.

I'm being kidnapped.

They can do anything to me at this point.

I could wake up with a Vagina and tits.

They could sell my body parts to a billionaire somewhere in Switzerland or something. The thoughts were fast, the thoughts were endless.


Finally we reached a room that felt like it was in the basement. I could only assume that we went down in the elevator. So weird.

I was rolled into a smaller room (this time with no windows) and comforted by 2 nice ladies in festive shower caps which of course I complemented them on.

"Yaaaaasss! I love your show cap!"

They were fun and made me feel like everything would be ok. They gave me the run down. Had me sign more paper work and then I waited for another 30 minutes for the room for surgery to be ready.

Ok, so that is the most responsibility I've ever had. If I need a blood transfusion, sure go ahead and do it.

I sign.

Urgh, I wish I'd known details of how this goes down before having to experience it.



The nurse enters and gives me insight on the series of events that will take place before I leave the room we're in and how I'll wake up in the same room.

I've never been put to sleep before.

I give her Manchilds # and Moms # to call, once it's done or if anything happens.


All I can think about is people who have been put to sleep but didn't wake up. I've never been put to sleep before.

I focus on my inhales and my exhales, meditating to the best of my ability, bringing myself to a place of zen, god, Jesus and the gods and goddesses. Breath, yoga and meditation kept me from losing my mind in a situation that was brand new to me. During this moment I had faith in everything I've ever learned, discovered and believed in.

The nurse entered to put some blah blah blah into the bag to do this that and the other thing.

"The room is ready." I inhale. I exhale.

We're going to go ahead and wheel you in there now."

They wheel me in to what seemed to be a much larger room pristine room. To me it looked very futuristic, only because I'd never seen anything like it. Up to this point I'd never paid much attention to the set design of medical TV shows. Re-runs of M*A*S*H. doesn't count and I didn't start watching Nurse Jackie until I was recovering.

"Mr. Crump, do you think you have enough strength to scoot over onto this?"

Of course I can. I use my arms and hyper awareness of movement to show off and gracefully drag myself over to the. That's all I remember.