The Surgical Story - Merry Christmas - Merry Life / by Reginald Crump

For the very first time ever, in all of these years of our knowing each other, Manchild and I are seeing each other on the very day that Jesus was born. Our first Christmas together. At least the last couple of hours of Christmas Day.

The night after Santa's arrival.

What a Christmas present. Yaaaaaass Gawd!

If I didn't have these plastic vines running from the machine into my veins, I'd be doing somersaults in my designer, backless, hospital gown right now.

I'd be balancing on the edge of the flat screen TV that's hanging precariously from the wall.

I'd be doing my best rendition of 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist, Romanian born, Nadia Elena Comaneci. My technique would be flawless.

It happened!!!

I had an idea.

But... I'm still surprised!

This moment is something I'll never forget.

Let's face it. One of the reasons we felt it necessary to sign the legal document for our commitment/marriage, was for this exact reason. Without it, we had no legal rights to visit each other if hospitalized.

Imagine that.

No really. Take some time to meditate on that.

You done?

You spend your life together, in peace and love and the government has the right to say whether or not you can visit each other in the hospital. Someone else can decide whether or not a person has the right to not serve you based on their "religious" beliefs. What kind of god wants to condemn people who aim to empower, inspire, uplift and spread peace and love globally?

If you need a minute to meditate on that. Take your time.

What God wants their followers to condemn that?

Is the problem behind the terms themselves?

Decades of standing behind the term "ho-mo-sex-u-a-li-tea?"

Is it binding? I feel bound. Limiting as a Hu-man Be-ing?

It gives you no choice but to think sexual act. Simply because... "sex" is in the word.

"Words get in the way of my mind, when I'm trying to move my ass to the beat."

Well, what about "homo-emotionality?"

May not sound as fun to some, but... it happens.

When relations are based on emotions rather than a physical act.

When it's not based on lust or instant orgasm.

A skin to skin dance that bible slingers parading on televised pulpits can't help but imagining and in return condemn. Do they envision the love between same genders resembling scenes from the film Caligula directed by Tito Brass and Bob Guccione?

Are there minds crowded with images of bodies doused in oil? Slithering amongst snakes? Flames towering over heads? Naked bodies nursing each other with drugs, alcohol and pleasure. Sounds fun, right? (smile)

Well there is an emotional element to same gender love that doesn't necessarily embody what conservatives fear most within themselves.

Manchild leans over the hospital bed to give me a kiss and a hug as the nurse pulls the reclining chair closer to the hospital bed, prepares it with a blanket and asks him to make himself comfortable. He reclines and we begin our night of chatting about all of the craziness that has occurred in the previous week. We chat like cackling pre-teens, in bobby socks and dresses by a fire place, until my pupils bid a farewell to the night and my lashes bring the scene to a close.

Merry Christmas - Merry Life