EUPHORIA ::: Movement + Vocals Intensive 001

Tap into your inner child, using playfulness to unlock your deepest creative visions.

Dive into a process to discover, create and enhance your own performances using writing, found objects and articles of clothing.

Leave with tools from Monstah Blacks toolbox for building performances.

Contact: for more details about group and private sessions.






"Monstah’s EUPHORIA ::: movement + vocals intensive at Gibney Dance was a burst of creativity, and a hug to the soul. Perfectly blending the skills of an educator, artist, and compassionate human, Monstah offered us limitless tools to use during process, and/or performance, all the while building community, and creating a safe environment, rendering space for trial and error. Monstah’s workshop was transformative, and in such a short time, it has already opened my mind to a plethora of new possibilities as a performer. I want more Monstah Black!" -Micaela Mamede